Save the Life of Your Trees this Fall

About Shrub Doctor

Why is Shrub Doctor right for you?

Your shrubs and trees are the backbone of your landscape. A healthy landscape increases the value of your home, and decreases the worry of unexpected future expenses. Shrub Doctor takes a proactive approach to plant healthcare. While other services often miss the beginning symptoms that lead to landscape disaster, Shrub Doctor’s experience and awareness of both insect and disease cycles, insures that your plants are monitored to minimize problems before they are out of control.

Technology and Tools

Shrub Doctor is in constant pursuit of the latest knowledge of soil and plant health, as well as disease and insect identification. Our organic formulations are custom blended with sea kelp, worm casting verma-compost, hydrolized fish, and other natural ingredients that provide sustainability through the hot/dry summer season, and the extreme cold temperatures of winter. Our insect controls are the safest in the industry, and are only used as a last resort to an insect outbreak.

Our Staff

Due to our strong demand for customer satisfaction, Shrub Doctor incorporates only the highest educated and ethical individuals for our team. Our clients can be assured that their plants are being monitored and treated by certified technicians, and staffing that is passionate towards organic plant health, and sustainable landscape practices. Shrub Doctor also encourages their staff to increase their value to our team by providing them the opportunity to gain a degree in the horticultural industry. This practice maintains an upward evolution of our staff’s skills and talent, and assures our clients that we are dedicated to quality service.

Knowledge and Experience

Our arborists have over 40 years experience with organic plant health. In fact, many other landscape contractors and arborists utilize the knowledge and experience of Shrub Doctor to find solutions their client’s landscape needs. Shrub Doctor has been servicing the Charlotte Metro area since 2004. Due to positive results and our close personal relationship with our customers, Shrub Doctor is still providing service to many of its legacy members. Shrub Doctor also maintains all licensing and certifications required for the landscape and arborculture industry, and is current in its continued educational requirements.

Our Commitment To The Environment

Shrub Doctor’s focus is towards building a top quality urban landscape for its customers through environmentally healthy organic methods and practices. Shrub Doctor is sensitive to maintaining the environment by using totally organic nutrients in its formulations, and eliminating insect damage through proactive methodology. This approach leads to an efficient and healthy landscape that needs insect controls as its last approach. Finite water sources, and limiting unnecessary water usage is also a current environmental concern. A healthy organic landscape needs less water, and saves the customer money. Shrub Doctor educates its customers on methods to sustain a healthy landscape while pursuing practices to save water usage.

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Save the Life of Your Trees this Fall