Save the Life of Your Trees this Fall

Why Shrub Doctor

Fully 15% of your property value can be attributed to the overall appearance of your landscape.

Neglected Ornamental Trees & Shrubs decline and take away from the value of your property.

Shrub Doctor provides annual integrated plant healthcare programs that control disease and infestation in your ornamental trees and shrubs and promote healthy growth. The BASIC program begins with a full evaluation of your landscape trees and shrubs. Shrub Doctor will inspect every tree and shrub, individually, for signs of past or current disease or insect infestation. He'll also inspect the soil and/or bed area around the plants looking for any indications of poor soil quality which greatly affects the health of all landscape plants. Once you become a customer, Shrub Doctor's basic service program includes bimonthly inspections of all plants under Shrub Doctor's care followed by selective treatments for the control of disease and insect infestation. All products used by Shrub Doctor are environmentally safe and are designed and formulated by Shrub Doctor with maximum efficiency and healthy results in mind. Every other month Shrub Doctor will visit your property as part of his normal inspection process to make sure any new signs of disease or infestation are noticed early and can be treated accordingly. This is also a great opportunity for Shrub Doctor to make sure the trees and shrubs in your landscape are responding properly to previous treatments

The foundation of all plant health begins with healthy soil. You won't hear that very often because most companies in the industry don't understand what constitutes proper soil structure. Fortunately for you, Shrub Doctor does.

Soil Conditioning is included as a part of the Basic Service Program. Shrub Doctor understands the nature of poor soil structure, it's causes and affects on plant growth and has developed a program that specifically addresses these issues in your landscape. There are many contributing factors that lead to poor soil structure. One is overly compacted soil much like you see in the Southeast with hard, red clay. Clay soil molecules bond together very tightly and restrict moisture from penetrating the root zone of your plants. Compacted areas aren't conducive to microbial activity. This activity in the soil is what breathes life into soil and allows plants to fully develop their root systems. In part, Shrub Doctor's annual soil management program introduces live microscopic biologicals directly into the soil which promotes microbial activity. This activity in the soil creates a good environment for earthworms and other living organisms. The result is increased organic matter, improved air, water and nutrient exchange within the soil profile and a healthier root zone. All of these improvements increase soil fertility which is necessary for healthy root and plant development.

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Save the Life of Your Trees this Fall